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Book 1

The Rise of the Raidin follows the series protagonist, Jen Monroe, as she fights to defend her school from dragons, werewolves, and other creatures with only the help of her friends and protectors to help her.

Rise was awarded a 2022 Readers' Favorite Book Award for YA Urban Fantasy

Book 2

Ties Spine Art_1.png

The Ties That Bind picks up just after the events of Rise. Still reeling from her attack against Cregorous, Jen is faced with a worldwide adventure to gather those destined to help her in bringing an end to the war. She'll face cultural barriers, personality clashes, and potential loss, all the while knowing that Cregorous lurks in the shadows, waiting to strike.

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Image by Gaël Gaborel - OrbisTerrae
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Protector's Pressure.jpg

The Protector's Pressure follows Skylar Mitchell and what he experienced during the day of the attacks against the Human-Borns. Skylar is the shield-bearer of the Human-Borns. He is forced to fight against what his high-brow family expects of him, and what he knows he was made for.

The attack on the First Human-Born was not an isolated event.

Six other teenagers encountered harrowing attempts on their lives.

These are their stories.

The HBCs are a series of novellas, all told from the perspective of a different Human-Born teen. They are set to begin releasing Summer of 2023. Kindle preorders will begin soon.

The Warrior's Wrath delves into what Takeo Yoshi faced during the day of the attacks. Confronted with his brash nature, and the dangers it can create, will Takeo be able to protect the only family he has, and keep his emotions in check?

Warrior's Wrath.jpg
Healer's  Heart.jpg

The Healer's Heart dives into African culture as we see things from Eshe Balewa's eyes. Deep rooted in her village's Masai culture, Eshe finds herself wrestling with the concept of home, family, and destiny during the day of the attacks.

The Shifter's Shadow follows Lexa Ackart, awarding readers the chance to get to know the sassy Australian a little better, and maybe understand the reasons behind her reactions to the other Human-Borns.

Shifter's Shadow.jpg
Scholar's Scars.jpg

The Scholar's Scars gives readers a look into the eyes of Sophia Gonzalez, and the visions that she's seen. Follow along as she unwittingly witnesses crucial answers to the whys and hows that surround the Human-Borns, and their amazing abilities.

The Requisite's Rise drops readers into the frozen tundra of Antarctica, experiencing the life and times of Alaster O'Brien. Witness Alaster's growth and understanding of who and what he is, and how the day of the attacks would change the whole trajectory of his life.

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