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Torn Out Pages

Welcome to the "Torn Out Pages"! Starting in December and every other month thereafter, a new one will release here. It should work out to be that the month before Book 2 of The Human-Born Era releases, all of the Torn Out Pages will be available for your reading enjoyment.

These are scenes and—in some cases—chapters, that only would have bloated the book if I left them in. They either serve as additional story to give further context to the actions of some of the characters, or to point toward things that are coming in the next installment of The Human-Born Era.

It should be noted: spoiler warning! If you have not yet read The Rise of the Raidin, you may inadvertently spoil some parts of the story if you read all of these. You can read Part 1 and will be (mostly), spoiler free.

If you enjoy what you find here and want to read the whole story, you can grab a copy of The Rise of the Raidin here.

Happy reading friends!

~ Susan

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