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Michaella Barnum

Michaella is my character and creature artist. If you've found yourself gawking at the amazing dragon art, or admiring all of the character art at the back of my books, Michaella is the one to thank for those beautiful pieces.

Michaella is a self-taught, traditional artist. Specializing in illustrating with pencil and pen, she has cultivated her talent through events like the Lamplighter's Guild. There she gained friendships and collaborators that helped to spur her on in her artistic endeavors. She is a bright and inquisitive soul that humbly accepts praise and criticism alike. Armed with raw talent and a quiet disposition, she has boldly continued to grow her skills and hone her style.

Michaella can be contacted via her Instagram page @michaella_the_artist.

Alice Maria Power

Alice handles the illustration of my book covers. Living in Ireland, I found Alice through a lot of Instagram searching and came across her portfolio. To date, she's completed 6 of the 8 covers featured on my books, and is slated to complete the remaining 3 books in The Human-Born Era.

Alice can be contacted directly via her website:

Tina "Isola" Ritchie

Tina is the artist I've commissioned for the graphic novel adaptation of The Rise of the Raidin, with every hope to have her complete a graphic novel adaptation of each book I pen. We met at SPA-Con, in Arkansas, and hit it off almost instantly. Tina has a passion for storytelling and is gifted with a talent in varying her art style to fit the project she's working on.

Tina can be contacted directly via her website:

Chloe Grace

Chloe is my go-to for the chibi art style of my characters. All of the artwork you see on merch or printed on book pages that's done in the chibi style was done by Chloe. Self-taught and living in Canada, Chloe exudes passion and joy in every piece she works on. A bright and inspiring young talent, I highly recommend working with her.

Chloe can be contacted via her Instagram: @chloetheartist *Commission windows vary on her availability.

Allison Menck

The "Partners" series of artwork featuring each Human-Born and their Team Leaders was done by Allison Menck. Allison is currently studying fine arts in college, and when she has availability (usually during breaks), she opens up a few commission slots to continue honing her craft. She's constantly creating and stretching herself to draw poses and characters that push her limits, and her final products are absolutely stunning.

Allison can be contacted via her website:

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