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Hey there!

I'm a writer of young adult fantasy books, and I've been writing since high school. I attended Houghton College, where I graduated with a degree in creative writing in 2012. I'm a seeker of adventure and tend to refer to my life as an ongoing journey. I started crafting the overall idea of my young adult fantasy series in high school, but didn't start writing it down until my freshman year of college.


I finished the first draft of my debut novel in 2008 (don't be too impressed. I was 19 and barely had a handle on my craft). All the same, it got me started on the quest of writing, with all of the challenges, hurdles, and struggles only just starting in those early years. Writing this series has taught me far more than I would have anticipated, and taken me to many different places - both literally and figuratively.

When I'm not writing, I could be found traveling with my trusty Canon RP, perusing the local thrift stores, planning my next trip to Disney World, or cuddling with the Pinkerton (photo below).

Here's a few oddball things about me:

1. I became an avid fan of coffee only after graduating from college.

2. Antiquing is a favorite past-time for me and my family.

3. I eat M&M's in color order, and tend to put them into little pyramids. I don't know why.

4. Kayaking and hiking are my favorite outdoor activities.

5. My heart is in the woods and in a perfect world, I would own a small cabin and like, ten acres of land.


Meet Pinkerton!

This is my rescued great dane/pitbull mix pup. He's not named after detectives and it's not that I forgot what Petey's name was from the Little Rascals. His name comes from Steven Kellogg's Pinkerton books, and they're rather fitting given what my dumb-dumb has proven to be capable of in the last few years.

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