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Lexa Ackart has a life rich in luxuries and decadent things. Everything she aims to accomplish, she does, and she does it well. Not easily dissuaded or intimidated, she believes herself to be superior to others. Portraying herself as a confident, assured young woman, she would hit you if you dared to think otherwise. Learning about her ability as a teleporter has only added to her vanity.


With Zaheri aiming to keep her safe and following her every move, Lexa has spent the past year of her life convinced that her abilities and talents make her invulnerable. Confident that nothing could ever hope to touch her, let alone hurt her, she’s absolutely sure that she’s ready to take on the mantle of the Human-Born hybrid of legend.


But when an attack on her life slams into her normal routine, and her place in the legend is revealed, Lexa is forced to confront her disappointment, and her fury. Her world begins to unravel, and the assurance she valued so heavily cracks apart. Slowly, insecurities she never acknowledged rear their ugly head.


Will she be able to keep herself focused on the task at hand? Or will her arrogance cause some terrible calamity for the Zaheri charged to protect her?

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