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Passionate about most things scientific, Alaster O’Brien has spent the last two and a half years on the frozen continent of Antarctica, advancing his education in astronomy and eager to study the vastness of the universe. Beneath the air of confidence in his choice of career, rests an extraordinary destiny he aches to follow. A destiny tied to the wing bones he feels resting against his ribcage, his superhuman-like senses, and the tendrils of green energy that obey his command.


His parents expect him to follow his original plan and remain in the safe confines of a researcher's life. Though he craves knowledge, and excels in his schooling, he yearns to figure out what his abilities mean for his future. With protectors from another world desperately trying to prepare him for a mantle he’s actively being pulled away from, Alaster struggles with the love of his parents, the tragic loss of his brother, and his soul’s desire to grasp the destiny just beyond his reach.


Then, one day, amid the barren landscape he calls home, a vicious enemy bent on Alaster’s destruction forces him to make a decision. Unprepared for the physical and emotional toll of an attack on his life, the last and final Human-Born meant to be an unmovable piece of the prophecy may fail to stand against such a ruthless opponent.


Will Alaster’s lack of training result in further tragedy for his family? Or will he prove himself resilient in the face of calamity?

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