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The Armory

All of the merch here is fulfilled by Printful, a print-on-demand company (except for some of the stickers). With that in mind friends, I have to ask for your understanding and patience for two counts.


The first is that, unfortunately, offering free shipping is a difficult task to figure out, and at present, isn't going to be available. Shipping is calculated based on what you purchase and where it's going, and can vary wildly. It's for this reason that I've done my best to keep pricing lower than what you might find from other print-on-demand websites.

Second is that fulfillment can take, on average, six days, with shipping then being another four to five (for standard shipping). Shipping is often handled through USPS, though sometimes Printful uses Fedex. Factor this in when you place an order, and expect to wait upwards of two weeks for your product to arrive.

If there's anything you'd like to see made available, reach out and let me know! I'm happy to work up designs, and am definitely willing to work with artists if you've got a design in mind for a shirt or what have you.

Happy shopping!

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