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Coming June 25, 2024

In the wake of tragedy, Jen Monroe steps into the world of Tilion, determined to find a way to end the war that she’s been thrust into. Leaving Earth, her family, and her friends behind, she’s prepared to do whatever it takes to protect those she cares about. As she and the Human-Borns start to find their rhythm in this strange new world, Agerius begins to feel like home.


The brief semblance of a peaceful respite is abruptly pulled away, and things start to unravel fast. Despite their acclimation to Agerian culture, tensions are still rising with the High Council, and that tension slowly spreads through all of Agerius.


Meanwhile, their enemy plots and schemes. Ancient things stir throughout the world of Tilion. Mountains move. Legends awaken. And at the epicenter of all these quaking changes are seven young warriors that are forced to grow up fast, or crumble under the weight of their roles.


Amid the chaos, Jen discovers something else. Something she didn’t expect, with someone she quickly learns she can’t afford to lose.


In her desperation to end all the pain and torment of war, will the bonds she’s forged prove to be her strength? Or will she become worse than the monster she’s trying to stop?

Meet the Cast
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