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World & City Maps
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Interior Maps
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Janet's Home

The Caretaker's home serves as Jen's temporary home at the beginning of The Reflection of the Raidin. Though she lives alone, Janet frequently has guests over, and is quick to offer her spare room if someone is ever in need of a place to stay*.

For the first several years that Janet lived in Agerius, she actually stayed in Mount Ara, in the Defense Quarters. It wasn't until she adamantly insisted that she was staying in Agerius, with no desire to return to Earth, that the Council saw to finding her a residence. She lives off Halios, nearer to Mount Ara, nestled next to one of the many small yards. Nearly every day a Scout can be found resting in the yard, waiting to fly her to the mountain in an emergency.

*Agerians do suffer losses of buildings during raids, and in those instances, citizens need places to stay that will be comfortable while their residences are rebuilt.

Rea's Tailor Shop

As Tyron's sister, Rea was raised by grovix breeders. The middle child, she never displayed much love for aiding grovix in raising pups, and was far more interested in thread, needles, and clothing patterns. When she came of age, she apprenticed to another a tailor, and learned her skills. Her teacher died during a raid approximately a hundred years before the Human-Borns arrival, and Rea took over her teacher's shop. She's the only tailor that will work with Kaldok.

Rea works with many Defenders, and likes to give them the finest clothing possible. She greatly values a Defender's role in Agerius, and has been known to offer for unmarried women in the Defense to stay with her until they either find a roommate of their own, or marry.

The Girls' Home

Three days after arriving in Agerius, Jen, Eshe, Lexa, and Sophia were assigned a quaint home off of the street of Capto for their residence. It had been the home for another group of girls before them, and the last married shortly before the Human-Borns' arrival. Once the humans made the place their own, it swiftly became a common hangout for all the Human-Borns, when they weren't busy training in the field outside of Agerius or searching the Archives for information. At first, their neighbors were worried that the young women would be rowdy and loud. Everyone was pleasantly surprised to find that most nights, things were quiet. Noise only ever became an issue when the boys visited.

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