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Three months ago, seven pillars of light lit up the continents. Seven teenagers rose to fight. The world survived.


Now Jen Monroe is tasked with finding the six other Human-Borns. Still reeling from her traumatic encounter with the monstrous Cregorous, she faces cultural barriers, personality clashes, and a worldwide trek to find those destined to help her. But threats sleep in the shadows, and the humans were not blind to what they witnessed seven teenagers accomplish.


Meanwhile, the very enemy the Human-Borns are fated to encounter lies in wait.


He is patient. He is cunning. He is ruthless.


Soon, these seven teenagers find themselves in a battle they never expected. But in their drive to save those they care about, what might be lost in the process?

Praise for The Ties That Bind

"A riveting YA ride. With fast-moving action scenes and a colorful array of heroic young characters on bumpy journeys of self-discovery, this is an endlessly creative and inspiring read." Self-Publishing Review

"This is a world similar to our own, with fantasy elements and realistic details. The world-building is solid, with references to a complex world that Jen and the other young Human-Born, are just discovering. With intriguing world-building and many complex characters, The Ties That Bind is a compelling YA fantasy, with friendships at its heart." - ManyBooks

"The story is almost instantly engrossing, and Jen is, without question, a character who feels authentic and like someone living and breathing. Markloff's strength in world-building, character development, and storytelling all shine, and the scenes come to life in a combination of creative prose and the absolutely gorgeous artwork that begins each chapter. A must-read for lovers of unique fantasy fiction with a young adult slant." - Readers' Favorite

"Markloff’s worldbuilding sizzles, offering readers a complex system that oozes fantasy while maintaining believable circumstances at the same time. The dialogue is flawless and organically reveals the story’s underlying themes.  Markloff manages to craft a cast that is relatable and engaging." - BookLife

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