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The main series for the World of Tilion. Set to consist of five books, the first two books are written as YA Urban Fantasy, and were written with sixteen to nineteen-year-olds in mind. Books 3-5 will shift into the NA (New Adult) Epic Fantasy genre, written with 19+ year-olds in mind. The reason why this series shifts halfway through is due to the fact that the main characters grow up, and the struggles and situations they find themselves in might not be as relatable to younger audiences. Additionally, darker themes will be explored, and may not be suitable for young readers.


The Rise of the Raidin

An eighteen-year-old girl with extraordinary abilities has to defend her high school from dragons, werewolves, and other monsters, with only her friends and protectors to help her.

Ties_Kindle Cover.jpg

The Ties That Bind

An eighteen-year-old girl has to travel the world in search of six other teens that are destined to help her stop another world's millenia-old war.

*What are the Dyslexic Friendly Editions?*

The Dyslexic Friendly Editions of my books are printed with this font, OpenDyslexic. It's an open source font, meaning that it's free for personal and commercial use. If you google the font name, the website where you can download the latest edition will come up.

This font was developed and designed by people who specialize in helping those who struggle with dyslexia. It's a weighted font, and is a fair bit "chunkier" than the average serif font. Because of that, books naturally have more pages. So as much as Susan doesn't like it, she has to charge a little more to cover the cost of the books.

If you're an author, she implores you to consider doing a Dyslexic Friendly version of your books. The number of people she's seen it impact in amazing ways is astounding, and it's her goal and dream to see dyslexia friendly books become more mainstream.

Image by Gaël Gaborel - OrbisTerrae

A series of 6 novellas that act as parallel side-stories to book 1, The Rise of the Raidin.

Like the first two books within The Human-Born Era (HBE), they were written with sixteen to nineteen-year-olds in mind and can be considered a PG-13 rating for violence, scary situations, and language. If your child has watched a Marvel movie, they can expect the same level of action and the same level of stakes for the characters. Across the HBE series, topics of warfare, domestic abuse, emotional and mental manipulation, violence, and death are all touched on at some point.

Protector_Kindle Cover.jpg

Join Skylar Mitchell, the second-eldest son of the Duke of Derbeyshire, as he navigates both an abusive family dynamic and stay alive against a sadistic and cruel enemy bent on killing him. Ultimately, Skylar is forced to choose to stand or crumble.

Warrior_Kindle Cover.jpg

Follow Takeo Yoshi, an orphan growing up among protectors from another world. He has trained to be a great warrior, but a fateful day brings a deadly enemy who threatens to take away everything Takeo holds dear, forcing him to confront his own fury.

Healer_Kindle Cover.jpg

Get to know Eshe Balewa, a teen growing up in rural Africa. She is well loved in her tribe, if not considered a bit odd, until a disastrous day unfolds, threatening her life, her tribe, and everything the peaceful corner of Africa has known. Will Eshe be able to embrace her destiny?

Shifter_Kindle Cover.jpg

Follow Lexa Ackart, an Australian teen living a life of luxury and ease. She’s overconfident in her abilities, most notably her ability to teleport, until she faces a dastardly enemy that she can’t seem to easily evade. Will her arrogance bring calamity, or will she step into her role?

Scholar_Kindle Cover.png

Spend time with Sophia Gonzalez, a shy, intelligent young Argentine girl who is forced to accept harsh truths and ultimately, be embraced by those who truly love and care for her. Will her lack of confidence result in a terrible fate, or will she gain boldness through her trial?

Requisite_Kindle Cover.jpg

Get to know Alaster O'Brien and his family as they live on a research station in Antarctica. Still reeling from the loss of his brother, he's faced with a deadly foe hellbent on ending his life. Will Alaster's lack of preparation and training be his undoing?

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