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After being orphaned as a boy, Takeo Yoshi has grown up among protectors from another world. Living in a dojo, his world is steeped in training and mastering the extraordinary abilities he has as a Human-Born hybrid. Under the guidance of his Zaheri, Takeo spends his days refining his fighting skills and spends his nights slaying dragons. He’s confident, bordering on arrogant, when it comes to his talents, and being surrounded by masters of martial arts, hasn’t helped to dampen his brashness.


Despite how much he loves his life, Takeo cannot deny that a part of him feels dissatisfied. Aching for the approval of his Zaheri, he strives to become the warrior he believes they expect him to be.


But when an enemy with a thirst for carnage and chaos strikes at them, the boy that believed himself unshakeable becomes confronted with his greatest fear: losing the only family he has. Faced with a level of fury Takeo didn’t know he had, he realizes that he would do anything to keep those he cares about safe.


Against a monstrous opponent, will Takeo be strong enough to control his emotions, or will his wrath ignite the flames of his own destruction?

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