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Having spent her life constantly compared to her sister, Sophia Gonzalez’s confidence has never had a chance to take root, let alone blossom. Doing everything in her power to do right by her family, she still feels she’s more a burden than a gift. Timid, shy, and more likely to steer to a book than a boy, she’s reminded on a daily basis of her shortcomings. Despite her intellect, ability to learn languages, and retain the smallest bits of knowledge, she is known only for her mistakes.


Meanwhile, the otherworldly protectors trying to equip her for her task as a fabled Human-Born are an enigma to Sophia. While she likes them, and does enjoy spending time with them, she’s unsure how to respond to their gentleness toward her, or their small affirmations and soft smiles.


Over the last year, her nights have been filled with vivid dreams, becoming increasingly more lifelike, but also distracting her from her family’s demands. Though she desires desperately to be a good daughter and earn her parents’ acceptance, she cannot deny that her destiny pulls at her.


When trouble finds her, and the appearance of enemy fighters flying overhead thrusts Sophia’s secret into the light of day, her entire life is flipped upside down, leaving her wondering if perhaps all her mistakes would doom her to be unlovable.


Will she be able to find the value within herself, and take on a mantle she thinks is too big for her? Or will her world crumbling around her leave her unsuited for the task ahead?

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