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It's been long awaited (by me, and by my family that I'm almost certain thought I was just sitting in my apartment staring at the walls every night), for me to publish The Human-Born Era series. The Rise of the Raidin has been a story born from years of sitting in my noggin. The characters have been with me for the bulk of my life now, and I'm anxiously excited to share them, and their stories, with you.

The Rise of the Raidin is the first book of the series, and is my debut novel.


Jennifer Monroe is an average eighteen-year-old girl, and she knows it.


Which is precisely why no one—least of all herself—would suspect anything extraordinary from the quiet, boring girl who only has a few good friends to call her own. But that all got flipped on its head about a year ago, when two imposing men, a complete goofball, a werewolf, and two large four-legged creatures barged into her life.


Now over a year later, Jen leads a double life. Mild mannered, quiet, high schooler by day; dragon slayer and raw-energy-wielding-warrior (in training) by night. Juggling SAT scores, papers, and mastering the art of flying, she’s managed to keep her friends and family oblivious of her hybrid abilities. Everything was going swimmingly.


Until one normal, foggy, November morning, when a dragon crashed through the clouds, heralding a small army to descend on her high school.


All for little, forgettable her.


Making her realize that maybe there’s a whole lot more going on than she originally thought.

The Rise of the Raidin is a young adult fantasy novel, intended for readers between the ages of 16 and 20.

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