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Book Rewrites and Character Changes Oh My

I am FINALLY nearing the main climax of the first act in book 3. It only took, what, three weeks? It was like pulling teeth because it's not so much a rewrite as a brand new book. So little was done accurately in my first draft, most notably character reactions.

I mean, in book 2 I've got a protag that's gone through some pretty hefty trauma. And in book 3 she's suddenly fine well and good to joke about it? All in about three day's time? Who even is like that? How terribly unrealistic of her. And that's not to say anything about general character engagement and evolution and chemistry. While I'm not 100% in love with what I've put down on paper thus far, I'm glad to be at the point where the story is about to take off because I've trudged through the unknown portions of the book.

Despite having ventured down this road before, since it's essentially a brand new book, it was tough to figure out how to get from point A to point B without it just being like "And suddenly everything is rosy and golden and oh look a wild plot device has appeared."Though the bulk of the story lies ahead of me, I know the framework for what's to come. I already have scenes written out and have fleshed out most of what's coming (there are still several scenes I'm kinda blank-slated on, but we'll burn those bridges when we get to them).

I almost feel as though I'm back at Houghton, madly scrambling to get on paper a concept that's rolling around in my noggin. I've got this goal in mind and am watching the time tick away and practically screaming as I mash fingers against a keyboard in the vain attempt to produce something even remotely resembling a complete and thoughtful story.

My hiatus in Florida wasn't quite as fruitful on the writing side as I had hoped, but I suppose it's to be expected when I spent every night at Disney, soaking in the joys of having an Annual Pass. It was a good break from routine, but now I feel the pressure of Camp deadlines looming in the distance, along with all of the other not-camp-but-still-definitely-work-related stuff I'm aiming to have done before I shove off for a month and a half (hopefully with dog in tow thanks to our family camper that hasn't moved in, oh, fifteen years).

Onward to chapter 10 and hopefully something that makes sense!

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