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The Road Goes Ever On

Keeping up with a blog is clearly not one of my strong suits.

So, in the time between the last blog and now, a fair bit has happened. No, I haven't fallen down the rabbit hole of Nerf gun modding (but GOLLY). And I actually cancelled Netflix 'cause, to be honest, I barely watched anything on there.

I've ventured up and down the East Coast, visited Disney for a much needed break from the normal (and let me tell you friends, it was a great trip despite the heat and the mask). And I've taken advantage of the fact that I can work from anywhere and have spent extended weekends with friends in New York to fully embrace the autumn foliage on display.

And in the realm of books; well. Book 5 isn't started yet. But, BUT. We're almost there. I almost started tonight, but looked at my "to do" list and said, "Maybe tomorrow?"

In the meanwhile, I've been hammering out details, jotting down random scenes from the histories of Tilion and our gang, and delving ever deeper into the realm of promotional materials and graphic design. I've learned a handful of new techniques in Illustrator (my weapon of choice 'cause I'm not very artistic). And, AND.

Guys. GUYS. GUYS. This is HUGE.

I've got character sketches forming.

I know. I KNOW!

I'll be doing a proper "LOOK AT THEM AREN'T THEY PRETTY" post once everything is completed. So between working with insanely talented people as they legitimately breathe life into pictures in my head, (and having a fair bit of a laugh at myself in the process), and working to bang out details for book 5 and beyond, I have been quite busy. And this doesn't even scratch the busyness of work right now.

Lord willing, I'll be able to meet my rough goal without rushing and can announce sometime in the beginning of 2021 that book 1 is coming. That's my prayer anyway. Remaining flexible in the midst of this crazy, haphazard, surreal time can be difficult.

On that note. I hope to the .2 people who read this are well. In spite of everything going on. In spite of the craziness of these days. I pray you and yours are happy, healthy, and at ease. The bouts of fear come and go for me, but overall I've dug deeper into my Bible and have found supernatural peace in the abounding grace of Jesus. I pray you have too. Because regardless of what tomorrow may bring, the war is won and Jesus is on the throne. And if you read this and go "uh...what?", I'd be happy to talk with you more about it.

Wishing you all the very best of the world. Get outside 'cause IT'S FINALLY AUTUMN AND THE BUGS ARE DYING.


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